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2015-09-26How to choose LED lights with the power supply?

LED lights with power: because the purchase of LED lights with no power distribution, so calculate the length of the req...

2015-09-26High power LED lamps are generally used in what areas?

1. landscape night lighting General lighting 3. lights 4. Decorative lighting 5. Special lighting 6. Traffic lig...

2015-09-26High-power LED lamps issued by the light can make people excited?

In the sports venues using high-power LED floodlights can make the place more uniform and soft light at the same time th...

2015-09-26Buy a good LED lighting should pay attention to what?

1. The area of heat is not enough 2. The light source used by the lamp is the brand 3. Whether the lamp shell is go...

2015-09-26How does the switching power supply heat?

1. Print the board version of the heat 2. Electronic chip heat dissipation 3.PCB surface mount power supply device hea...

2015-09-26LED lamps produce glare reasons?

The main factors that produce glare are: 1, the brightness of the light source (the higher the brightness, the more ...

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