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OLED car lighting sought after, LGD next year will be a number of car factory supply

Updated:2017-08-30 Click:724times

LG Display (LGD) with the German depot to develop automotive OLED lights, is expected next year, LGD will Flowserve, Audi (Audi) and Bao Shi (Mercedes Benz) and other depot shipments.

LGD is currently the world's only capacity to produce OLED panel panels, according to South Korean media Businesskorea reported that LGD for the German factory development of OLED lights, most likely by the LGD P5 factory production.

Reported that, LGD is the factory test the fifth generation of OLED lamp production equipment, plans to reach at least the end of 2017 at least 15,000 units per month capacity targets, OLED lights can be transferred to mass production.

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