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LED in the end there is no impact on health? EU agency SCHEER said this

Updated:2017-08-29 Click:750times

The European Commission on Health, Environment and Emerging Technology Risk Science (SCHEER) recently released a long report titled "LED Potential Risk for Human Health". The overall conclusion of the report is that "the Committee concludes that there is no evidence that the normal use of healthy people (lighting and display) LEDs will have a direct impact on health."

The European Commission commissioned SCHEER to conduct a detailed study of the problem, specifically assess the impact of blue energy on the human eye and skin. The committee determined that the human body exposed to the lighting and display of this blue energy is far below the previously established safety limits. The report pointed out that the lack of UV light source in the LED source (UV) of the light source may reduce the other light sources (including the sun) to the human body caused by the risk.

 There is no evidence that the normal use of LEDs in the general population has a direct impact on health. One of the main objectives of LightingEurope is to advise the market about quality lighting and to support consumers to make informed choices. "

The report warns that LEDs also have some potential problems, including discomfort and glare, especially for automotive headlamps and other applications. These problems only exist in the LED. The report also mentions glare associated with street lighting, but points out that glare has always been a problem, mainly due to lighting design and fixture selection, more consideration is energy efficiency, quality is placed behind. In any case, the glare problem is said to be a temporary but not a permanent effect on the healthy population.

The report further concludes that some LED products may have a greater impact on circadian rhythms than conventional light sources, but there is still no evidence that circadian rhythms can lead to adverse health effects.

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