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Lite-On Technology steals smart city and joins Stanford Universitys Digital Cities Alliance program

Updated:2017-08-25 Click:473times

Everbright Technology said that as a member of the Stanford International Project Center, a number of city alliance program members, during the project can use the world's top academic halls Stanford University campus equipment and various research results and other resources, and in the early stages of insight, including artificial intelligence, High technology and self-driving and other emerging technology and business model, and will have the opportunity and Stanford University and Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley) innovative technology companies such as Silicon Valley to develop new intelligent applications; In addition, Lite-On technology will also come from different areas Of the other members to establish close contact for the future to create more dollars of business opportunities.

It is understood that over the past 50 years, the global urban population has grown from 1 billion to 3.5 billion, the next 50 years will grow multiple, of which 70% of the population will live in the city. The Stanford International Project Center believes that rapid population growth is the greatest challenge and opportunity faced by today's society, and that the growth of urban areas over the next 50 years will also be comparable to any growth in human history. The Stanford International Project Center Digital Cities Alliance plans to be the earliest development of such projects in the United States, hoping to fundamentally change the government and business through controlled and focused research, business opportunities and a new way of thinking about management and sustainability The world tends to truly digital city center ideas and business model.

Lite-On Technologies offers a smart city solution that includes technologies such as integrated optoelectronics, sensing and communications networks, Leotek lighting solutions to enhance safety and energy-efficient lighting, both modular design and integrated platform integrated sensor, As well as the complex communication network management equipment and services.

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