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RayVio joins Digi-Key Electronics to promote UV LED technology

Updated:2017-08-24 Click:219times

Purple Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. RayVio signed a new distribution agreement, its UVB and UVC LED, will be available through the global electronic components distributor Digi-Key Electronics to the global immediate shipment.

RayVio is a UV LED manufacturer specializing in UVB and UVC technology. This is an exciting new technology in the UV lighting industry that is now being used to protect humans from infection and to treat specific skin diseases.

Dr. Robert C. Walker, CEO of RayVio, said that the partnership with Digi-Key is a significant step forward for companies that are fighting bacteria, bacteria and viruses in the community, making it easy to get the latest UV LED technology, Will help humidifiers, water bottles and water tanks, toothbrushes and other products into the disinfection function, promote health and health.

RayVio's UV LEDs offer 1 to 70 mW of power, as well as high quality and reliability. These products are suitable for health, sanitation, water and surface disinfection, skin care / light therapy, and horticulture and many other applications.

David Verin, Digi-Key vice president of global semiconductors, said he was pleased to partner with RayVio, the first of its partners to focus on UVB and UVC LEDs and related lighting applications, which are emerging in the health and hygiene industry Market, with unlimited application potential; we believe that customers will be able to use these products in consumer applications to create and introduce innovative and useful programs.

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