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Nanjing Mobile start 1000 NB-IoT site construction: to achieve full coverage of the city

Updated:2017-08-22 Click:236times

Since May this year, Nanjing Mobile to start 2G equipment replacement and the main city of 1000 narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) site construction project is expected to be completed by the end of September the basic site construction and optimization work, when the Nanjing area will initially achieve NB -IoT network full coverage of the target, help "wisdom Nanjing" construction to a new level.

It is reported that Nanjing Mobile tighten the scale of the development of the key window period, to speed up the construction of large capacity, low power consumption, wide connection NB-IoT private network, will be completed this year, the city's NB-IoT network deployment. In Nanjing Mobile 2017 the city's NB-IoT network planning deployment table, the first to complete the main city of 1000 site construction, in Pukou, Jiangning and other major suburban urban areas deployed NB-IoT network for Nanjing to build and lay the "all things interconnected" era Network foundation. According to Nanjing Mobile, in the 1000 NB-IoT site construction project, covering the Xinjiekou, Zhujiang Road, Ande, Hexi Convention and Exhibition Center and other core areas of the main district and Jiangbei High-tech Zone, Nanjing Mobile is actively related Regional business pilot test, and strive to make things become Nanjing innovation and development of the "propellant", in the broader areas of people's livelihood to promote the "wisdom of the city" development.

NB-IoT is based on the cellular narrowband networking technology, compared with the existing GPRS network, with four major advantages: First, wide coverage, can effectively achieve indoor and underground networking; Second, support massive connections; Third, low power consumption, NB-IoT terminal module standby time up to 10 years; four low cost, chip costs significantly reduced. The network is suitable for low-frequency, small flow, delay-insensitive networking services, in the street lights, transportation, parking and other aspects of social life have a broad application prospects. I believe that in the near future, Nanjing citizens can experience the many NB-IoT applications bring the wisdom of life.

While vigorously promoting the construction of the NB-IoT, Nanjing Mobile has also accelerated the landing of NB-IoT construction applications. Lighting energy-saving emission reduction "smart lights", the first batch of NB-IoT "smart lights" in Nanjing on-line application. Nanjing Mobile and Nanjing Street Management Office to build the first batch of domestic NB-IoT technology based on the "smart lights" lit in the streets of Nanjing, help the city public management of energy-saving emission reduction. Open the "remote meter reading" new model, Jiangning, Liuhe first start water, gas "cloud meter reading" pilot. For example, Nanjing Mobile for Jiangning Long poetry future residents of 300 residents opened the gas "remote meter reading" pilot service, is about to Liuhe sunrise school district residents of more than 600 households to build "remote meter reading" platform to the network card plus module plus platform Integrated "cloud side" approach, help meter reading and service intelligence, Internet, community residents will bid farewell to water, gas meter reading "home" era.

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