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Jiangmen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau interview production of substandard LED lighting business

Updated:2017-08-21 Click:224times

Recently, Jiangmen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in accordance with the State Administration of Quality Supervision 188 orders "import and export industrial product risk management approach" requirements, interviewed Fuzhou Lin Sheng Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., Jiangmen City, three wins Lighting Co., Ltd. and Zuo Yi Electric Co., Ltd. The relevant person in charge of the company, the detection of its production and export of substandard products for the situation.

AQSIQ plans every year to check the inspection items outside the catalog, this year is the LED lighting included in the sampling plan. Jiangmen Bureau on June 28, 2017 on the three production enterprises of the four batches of LED lamps for spot checks, the test found that the four batches of safety projects are unqualified, including support of live parts heat, power terminal harassment voltage test, label Content, external wiring of the power line cross-sectional area, electrical strength test breakdown, the label Ⅱ class symbols and other major projects do not meet the standard requirements, the existence of four groups of LED lighting risk of human body, long-term use caused by fire, other electronic equipment Strong interference and other security risks and other security risks.

During the interview, Jiangmen Bureau of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department to inform the first of the product failure, analysis of the detected safety of substandard projects may bring security risks, and stressed to the enterprise is the product quality of the first responsible person, its products In the event of a security incident, the enterprise must bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

It is understood that with the LED lighting market demand soared, the Middle East and Africa and other non-developed countries or regions, the demand is also increasing, export enterprises to meet customer requirements of low-cost, regardless of product standards, reduce the raw materials and key Components of the procurement standards, production process costs, testing costs, safety certification costs, resulting in poor quality of the product itself or even a security risk. In addition, the enterprise on the exporting country standards and foreign latest inspection standards and technical specifications do not understand, and its own testing capacity is limited, the product only to do the appearance, life testing and other basic items of testing, but also lead to products do not meet the importing country standards the reason.

Combined with the failure of this test, Jiangmen Bureau of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering requires the above enterprises need to do the following aspects: First, a comprehensive analysis of the reasons for the production of substandard goods; Second, understand the trading company orders to production enterprises, What standard production, whether to require production enterprises according to what kind of standard production; Third, whether the production enterprises with the appropriate testing equipment, in the production process is required by the standard production. Finally, according to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, No. 188, "import and export of industrial products risk management approach," the requirements of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department to the relevant enterprises issued a "export commodity inspection unqualified notice" to inform the relevant enterprises on the spot checks failed to export Product delivery or delivery, and the need to deal with the situation reported Jiangmen Bureau.

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